Space Unfolding at Espacio Gallery May 2014

six artists, six conceptions of space
six artists, six conceptions of space

Why Space Unfolding?

We are a group of artists variously engaged with different aspects of space in our respective practices. Despite producing a varied range of art work, we are interested by the connecting threads revealed within the group drawn from the concept of space as broadly defined. Weaving these threads into a coherent narrative presented literally and conceptually in a specific urban space such as Espacio Gallery is an exciting challenge for us. We like the idea of opening a conversation on why notions of “space” are so key to so many artists.

Whether consciously or unconsciously; whether as the focus of the making or presentation of the artwork, or as a tangential yet important concern; whether in terms of geographic or psychological or conceptual analysis, most (arguably all) artists engage in the process of dealing with space.

And important as space is to artists in so many ways, how is artwork further impacted (if at all) by the third and fourth dimensional space experience of the consumer or viewer? Third party responses are in turn almost inevitably framed and conditioned by notions of space comprising the gallery environment; the viewing timeframe; and awareness of the spatial considerations preoccupying the artist.

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